Why February 16th is a important day for Anglicans

17 February 2007 - Print Version

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Janani Luwum, Primate of Uganda, was martyred today, 30 years ago. He would not compromise on Biblical truth and he paid the ultimate price. (16 FEB 1977)

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  1. Sold Out For Jesus Says:

    May this saint interceed for the Church Militant. May all the saints who have entered into their rest interceed for the Bride of Christ who evil men seek to taint by perversion.

  2. ww Says:

    I posted a comment that I felt that the website’s masters were twisting ++Luwum’s witness for their political purposes. perhaps I am wrong, and I wouldn’t have minded being refuted on the site. I notice, though, that my comment was deleted. I can’t say I expected any better.

    On my blog, I celebrated ++Luwum without regard to the political situation in the AC today.