Tanzania - Latest Round-ups (16 Feb)

Revd Dr Andrew Goddard (ACI): Commentary on Sub-Committee’s Report at ACI and Fulcrum
“...This is clearly an accurate summary of the heart of the report. However, its release – five months later at the Primates’ Meeting itself, thus giving no time for serious weighing of its claims and leading to instant reactions – has revealed that it take a more positive interpretation of the ‘mixed response’. Crudely speaking, it gives TEC a score of “2 out of 3” rather than the “barely 1 out of 3” many such as ACI and the Bishop of Durham expected and still believe to be more realistic. Hence the joy of some and the anger and despair of others.”

The Living Church: Inside the ‘Ring of Steel,’ Primates Under Intense Pressure to Reach Agreement
Participants have confirmed that the primates and staff are working under intense pressure to pull together a large quantity of data and incorporate disparate views into a single statement. Archbishop Williams faces the challenge of his ministry in building a document that satisfies the demands of the Global South coalition while not endangering the historic integrity of Anglicanism or creating new fissures in the Church of England and other divided provinces.

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