Springfield Joins Dioceses Requesting Alternative Oversight - Standing Committee Statement

Standing Committee   Diocese of Springfield

WHEREAS, the 75" General Convention of the Episcopal Church has adjourned without meaningfully or adequately addressing the clear expectations set forth in the Windsor Report;  and

WHEREAS, there was no movement away from the course set in prior Conventions whch culminated in the actions of the 74th General Convention in its approval of Resolutions C045 and C051; and

WHEREAS, the actions of the 74th General Convention, from which the 75th General Convention has refused to repent from or disavow, were recognized by the 126th Synod of this Diocese as departing from the received teaching of this Church in matters of Faith and Order; and

WHEREAS, the 75th General Convention has elected to the Office of Presiding Bishop and Primate a person who not only supports the actions of the 74th General Convention that departed from the received teachings of the Church in matters of Faith and Order, but also has acted to approve the blessing of sexual relationships outside the bonds of Holy Matrimony; and

WHEREAS, by clear statements, the Presiding Bishop-elect has shown herself to be outside the bounds of Christians orthodoxy and the clear parameters of the Christian Faith, as understood from an Anglican perspective;  and

WHEREAS, the spiritual health and well-being of this Diocese are placed in continued jeopardy by association with leaders and institutions that, by their words and actions, have departed from the teachings of Scripture; and

WHEREAS, we as a body are able to confess in faith and confidence that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Springfield gives its approval and unequivocal support to our Bishop in his efforts to guard and maintain the received teachings of this Church in this Diocese, and to continue this Diocese’s holy fellowship with the several Provinces and Primates of the Anglican Communion; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Standing Committee of this Diocese requests our Bishop to intentionally and deliberately explore avenues for alternative primatial relationship and, as appropriate, oversight, notwithstanding this Diocese’s status as a constituent member of the Episcopal Church.

Approved June 26, 2006  

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