“Spirit of unity remarkable” - Archbishop Greg Venables

Souce: Anglican Mainstream

Archbishop Greg Venables, Primate of the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone (in South America) was present at the Rwanda summit and reported that “the spirit of unity at this Primates meeting has been remarkable.” However, he said, “It has become tragically obvious to us that the Episcopal Church in the US has departed from Christian teaching and practice. Sadly, the institutional structures of the Communion must catch up with that reality. It is our prayer that the Anglican Church of Canada will bear this in mind in the upcoming General Synod and turn back from any unbiblical course.”

“This comes as a dire warning for the Anglican Church of Canada,” says Anglican Network in Canada Executive Director, Cheryl Chang, “Global South leaders will be clearly defining for all what it means to be truly Anglican, and that requires a commitment to historic authentic Anglican teaching. If the Anglican Church of Canada chooses to follow the path of the U.S. Episcopal Church, they too will be deemed to be “walking apart” from the global Church and a new ecclesiastical structure will be required for Canada as well.”

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