Letter from Abp Rowan Williams to participants at GSMC

12 July, 2012

Global South Meeting on Decade of Missions and Networking

16 to 21 July 2012, Bangkok

In the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I greet you all as you gather to reflect on a Decade of Mission and Networking.  At the present moment, our world faces the gravest problems.  The cycles of poverty in many places are not being addressed.  Many of our countries still face the ravages of war, of corruption or of oppression.  Christian populations in a number of contexts live in great insecurity, sometimes in fear of violent aggression from neighbours.  And the world financial system seems to be in deep trouble as regards its morality as well as its practical capacity.  Hunger for a transfiguring message of good news is everywhere to be seen; and we must have the courage and energy to step up to this challenge.

Jesus Christ is not the Lord of a private religious organisation.  He is the cornerstone of God’s rebuilding of the whole universe, the beginning of the new creation.  All human longing for truth, peace and justice finds its focus and meaning in him.  all the awareness of human sin and failure finds its healing and absolution in him.  He is truly the desire of all nations.  And into our hands he has given the ministry of reconciliation and the hope of a renewed humanity.

By the gift of his Spirit, he has sent his messengers into all lands and have called us to be a holy people witnessing in worship and adoration to his infinite goodness and loving kindness.  I pray that this meeting will be a time of true refreshment for you, a time of praise and thanksgiving that will in turn renew the energy we need in our Anglican Communion to bring the Good News of Jesus to all in our world, with joy and steadiness of purpose.

I wish you God’s blessing in all your proceedings and ask for your prayers for your brothers and sisters here in the Church of England.

+ Rowan Cantuar :

 Lambeth Palace, London SE1 7JU

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