In memoriam: Professor David F Wright

In memoriam: Professor David F Wright

Professor David F. Wright, in a photo with Archbishop John Chew (left) and Canon Terry Wong, taken in January 2008 in Edinburgh

Professor David F. Wright died on Tuesday morning, 19 February 2008.

Dr Michael Poon, Global South Anglican Theological Formation and Education Task Force, wrote this tribute:

For a brief time from September to December 2007, Professor Wright expended himself to help in the drafting of the catechetical outline. I remember him as a humble, meticulous, and wise mentor.  Over twenty-four e-mail correspondences and several telephone calls, he offered detailed comments and guidance to our various drafts and essays. He provided the first impetus in developing the doctrinal core of the catechetical outline. He poured over our texts—once during a blood transfusion. In the words of another colleague in the Task Force: “Professor Wright was insightful, thoughtful, and challenging, always with the goal of excellence for the sake of the Kingdom”. 

His final e-mail to me was on 1 January 2008, in response to my sharing over the turmoils in the Communion.  He wrote:

“I have had a real sense in contributing to the ACIO project that it was serving the Communion as a whole in all its orthodox breadth—and strength! I will continue to serve it as long as I can and as long as it is needed—and I am relieved that the main part of the work has been done (am I correct?) while I have been able to contribute. It was kind of you to mention my name in your circular message. I continue to weaken, and am now wheel-chair bound outside the house. I even managed to spend my 70th Christmas in hospital overnight, in the vain hope of a scan!  But I can read drafts with a reasonably clear head. May I still wish you a good New Year despite this deep disappointment.  Your work will surely not be in vain, in the Lord.”

Chris Wright was in Singapore this past weekend for a Langham Partnership Regional Council Meeting. We were sharing about our own lives and how we should devote our energy while still in this earthly pilgrimage. I shared with him: “Life is previous.” He wisely responded: “Life is also short.”

I pray that God would teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. May we follow the godly example of his blessed servant to apply ourselves for matters that are of permanent significance. (Psalm 90)

I count it an enormous privilege and blessing to know Professor David Wright. Churches in the Southern Hemisphere are indebted to him. 

May he rest in peace. 

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  1. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    May Dr. David Wright, with all the saints, rest in the peace of God’s eternal Kingdom and rise with rejoicing on the Day of Resurrection. Amen.

  2. Editorial Says:

    We lost a quiet and wonderful servant of the Church. May his life and work continue to impact many for the generations to come.