Global South Primates’s letter to the Crown Nominations Commission on the appointment of a new Archbishop of Canterbury

An excerpt from the letter:

It is the reality of the Anglican Communion in the 21st Century that the majority of Anglicans are found within the Global South, especially in Africa. Resulting from the faithful witness of Western missionaries over the past two hundred years, Anglicans today stand in worship and witness amidst diverse cultures, among ancient traditions and often in inter-religious tensions.

As noted in the media release of the Church of England on the appointment of the Archbishop of Canterbury, one of his responsibilities is to be o'the Focus of Unity of the
Anglican Communion... primus inter pares among the bishops." This role calls for the new Archbishop of Canterbury to always act in a conciliar and collegial manner with
his fellow Primates because his decisions will affect the life and witness of Provinces worldwide.

Download the letter here

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