Full Text of Bishop MacPherson’s Diocese of Western Louisiana Convention Address

It is in keeping with this that I am committed to us following through with the development of the Anglican Covenant, and at the point of decision and the action of The Episcopal Church, this diocese is going to have to decide the direction forward. Yes, I will be here and provide leadership, but unlike some of the leadership of the larger Church, I know what the parameters of my canonical limits are, and making unilateral decisions that affect the life and ministry of this diocese is not within the scope of my authority. This is a decision that can and will be made only by a called convention of the diocese.

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  1. Paula Says:

    The good Bishop MacPherson is brave and right to challenge the uncanonical actions that are rampant in TEC, as the “depositions” show—not only of these three worthy bishops Cox, Schofield, and Duncan, but of many other orthodox clergy, some already retired and deserving of honor rather than this ultimate punishment. Bishop MacPherson is good and accurate on this subject.  Nonetheless, elsewhere in his presentation, he reports on an Episcopal Church (in his diocese) that hardly exists today because of the radical takeover of the US church by ideological forces. Conditions in his location can sound almost normal since reported from a diocese where the leadership is still orthodox, where tenets and behavior have not changed in recent years.  But the spiritually toxic and oppressive conditions in many (most) of the dioceses is entirely different, where we have been virtually forced repeatedly to be complicit with aspects of apostasy and indoctrination of our children and ourselves.  I believe that the people in those rare orthodox dioceses do not know what is happening to those in the revisionary dioceses, and this is the reason they feel the luxury of time to continue as they are.  Many (most) Episcopalians are hundreds and thousands of miles away from any such diocese.  How dearly I remember the church that was—as Bishop MacPherson details the good things that have been possible in Western Louisiana.  What would we not give to have the good things back again!  But it is clear that there will be no turn-around nationally—always barring miracles, of course.

  2. Bishop Ijaz Inayat Says:

    “Episcopal Church (in his diocese) that hardly exists today because of the radical takeover of the US church by ideological forces.”.....up there in the comment by Paula.

    Let us pray for Bishop MacPherson and his called convention of his Diocese that they be given wisdom, clarity and deep insight in the situation to come up with a unified decision abot the issue so vital for the Church.