From the Diocese of Jos, Nigeria

At about 1 am, Wednesday morning, a band of men, identified by the victims and residents of Byei, in Riyom LGC of Plateau State as Hausas and Fulanis attacked the village. The victims identified them because they spoke in Fulfulde, Hausa and English language during the attack as they directed one another during the two deadly hours attack all on the small community. All in all 12 people lay dead by 3 am, among them were 6 women, four children and two men. Four other victims are in the Vom Christian Hospital. Among the four women killed, two of them were pregnant. The attackers slashed and took out the tongues of two of the victims.

Once more, villagers are left traumatized and the entire community is in mourning. This is yet another call for prayers for plateau state. People are fast loosing confidence on the soldiers sent to protect them. Pray that they do not begin to take alternative measures to defend themselves and their families.

Pray that there will not be retaliations. Pray that God will give all involved the spirit of forgiveness.

Ed: We grieve with the Jos Diocese in Nigeria. View more info and pics here.

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