The Seventh Global South Conference opens in Cairo, Egypt

Photo credits: Revd Canon Andrew Gross

A Report on the first two days of the Conference

The 7th Global South Conference opened on the 8th of October 2019 with an Eucharist Service followed by a welcome dinner at the All Saints Cathedral, Cairo. Slightly more than a hundred delegates and observers from 18 Provinces and other parts of the Communion were present for this 4-day Conference.   

Bishop Mouneer Mouneer Hanna Anis of the Diocese of Egypt and Chairman of Global South Steering Committee shared an opening word of  welcome. Touching on the theme “Not conformed but Transformed” from Romans 12:2, he urged delegates to continue to be transformed into the image of Christ instead of being conforming to the world.

Also present at the Welcome Dinner, were special religious and government friends of the Diocese of Egypt. Some brought words to the Conference. Amongst them were the representative of President Sisi, the Minister of Antiquities, Khald Anani, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Sanad, the representative of Pope Tawadros II of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Bishop Angelos, the representative of the Coptic Cathoic Patraich, Bishop George Shihan, the representative of the Greek Orthodox, Father Yusof, the representative of Grand Imam, Dr Nazir Amen and various ambassadors. 

Bishop Graham Kings also brought a warm word of greetings from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

The second day opened with a morning prayer and a teaching session by Archbishop Glenn Davies from Romans chapter 12 which focused on the theme. It was followed by Bishop Mouneer’s address. He thanked the Primates on the Global South Steering Committee who are retiring this coming year namely Archbishop Nicholas Okoh (Vice Chairman), Archbishop Stanley Ntagali (Hon Secretary) and Archbishop Moon Heng (Treasurer).

Bishop Mouneer hope that this Conference will be a great source of encouragement and inspiration. He also shared on the history of Global South, the challenges she faced and the way ahead. It was especially helpful for those who are new to the work of Global South.

A time of Questions and Answers (Q&A) followed where views were shared about the basis of our unity, questions around participation in next year's Lambeth Conference and the importance of structure for accountability and to help the Church to move on with the work of Missions. Bishop Mouneer highlighted that the need for a structure for Global South has been actively pursued since the 6th Encounter in 2016.

Later in the day, Bishop Rennis Ponniah, who chairs the Study Group on Enhancing Ecclesial Responsibility, presented the proposal for an enhanced ecclesial structure to guide the work of Global South. It provided a basis for on-going discussions and the remaining days of Conference will continue to reflect and debate the points raised.

Later in the evening, the Global South Primates Steering Committee met. A new Steering Committee was appointed:

Chairman: Archbishop Justin Badi (Sudan)
Vice-Chair: Archbishop Tito Zavala (Chile)
Secretary: Archbishop Samuel Manhkin (Bangladesh)
Treasurer: Archbishop Foley Beach (ACNA)

Archbishop Stephen Than Myint Oo (Myanmar)
Archbishop Masimango Katanda Zacharie (Congo)
Archbishop James Richard Wong Yin Song.