Partners’ Statement at the Mission Agencies’ Conference

8th - 13th December 1986, Brisbane, Australia

The Conference could be regarded in some ways as the Mission Agencies’ PIM Consultation, and therefore the representatives of the Partner Churches decided to make their own Statement to the Conference:

(a) We believe this first Mission Agencies’ Conference has been a rich experience for all of us. We have grown in mutual knowledge and sharing. We appreciate the invitation to participate. We wish to express our thanks to the Chairman of the Conference for his sensitivity to us all, and to the Primate of Australia and the Australian Church for their warm welcome and hospitality.

(b) We have tried our best to participate by speaking and listening; but English is not our first language and our participation was at times limited by this fact. There is need for our partners to bear this in mind and avoid using unnecessary colloquial language.

(c) We were greatly encouraged by the spirit of understanding, the willingness of the Mission Agencies to listen to us and to one another, and their readiness to respond to the changing demands of the mission of the Church.

(d) We have always been unhappy with the unconscious ‘first world’ tendency to tell us what is the best for us without ‘taking us seriously. In the language of Dermot Dorgan’s paper we also are ‘donors We are willing to accept invitations to offer what we can. II Corinthians 8:4-15 is the church model for our Communion. In this model all we have is to be shared; everyone gives, and everybody receives, because we are one!

(e) We commend the views expressed in the papers presented on the PIM process, which very much reflected the concerns of all of us.

(f) As representatives of “third world” Provinces we realise that we do not know each other sufficiently. We need channels to enable us to build up mutual understanding and knowledge. We need to share experiences in order to get to know each other and to grow together. We have therefore urged each other to take the following suggestions seriously:

  1. Inter-Provincial communication and exchange of information.
  2. The organisation of conferences in each region following the example of the first Latin American Congress to .be held in Panama in November 1987.
  3. A ‘third world’ Anglican Provinces PIM consultation so that we may share what we are.
  4. The establishment of a ‘companion diocese programme’ among the ‘third world’ Provinces.

(g) As for the Mission Agencies, while we recognise the need to work through them in mission, they need to improve their relationships with their Churches.

(h) We wish this Conference and any follow-up machinery every success and God’s blessing.


Partner Churches Representatives:

The Revd Canon Jubal Pereira Neves, Episcopal Church of Brazil
The Most Revd Justin Ndandali, Church of Burundi, Rwanda and Zaire
The Very Revd Robin Ewbank, Church of the Province of Central Africa

The Rt Revd Datuk Luke Chhoa, Council of the Church in East Asia
The Revd Pritam Santram, Church of North India
The Rt Revd Victor Premasagar, Church of South India
The Rt Revd Alexander Kipsang’Muge, Church of the Province of Kenya
The Rt Revd Willie Pwaisiho, Church of the Province of Melanesia
The Rt Revd Zahir-ud-din Mirza, Church of Pakistan
The Rt Revd Isaac Gadebo, South Pacific Anglican Council
The Revd Oscar Jacquier, The Anglican Church of the Southern
The Revd Canon Simon Chiwanga, Church of the Province of Tanzania