New leaders appointed for the Church in China

New leaders elected at the 8th National Conference of the TSPM/CCC

New leaders of the Chinese Protestant churches were elected at the 8th National Conference of the TSPM/CCC on January 12th, 2008 in Beijing. The National Conference which is convened every five years brought together hundreds of delegates from all over China. Among the 181 representatives elected to the new conference, 84 were chosen to be on the Standing Committee of the National Conference of the TSPM/CCC. The conference marked the passing of the torch to a new generation of leaders whose average age is about 50years. Four out of the 16 new leaders are in their 40s and six are in their 50s. (See profiles below) The leaders were unanimously elected through a show of hands.

Rev. Gao Feng, aged 46, from Shandong, was elected the new President of the China Christian Council (CCC). Among the several new Vice-Presidents of the CCC were: Rev. Lu Dezhi, Rev. Fan Chengzu, Rev. Lin Zhihua, Rev. Ni Guangdao, Rev. Gao Ying and Rev. Tang Weimin.

Elder Fu Xianwei from Shanghai was elected Chair of the National Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM). The following became Vice-Chairs of the TSPM: Rev.Yu Xinli, Rev. An Xinyi, Rev. Yu Wenliang, Rev. Shen Xuebin, Mr. Chen Shunpeng and Ms. Jin Wei.

Rev. Xu Xiaohong was elected General Secretary of the TSPM while Rev. Kan Baoping will be the General Secretary of the CCC.

Mr. Luo Guanzhong became the Honorary Chair of the Advisory Committee to the TSPM/CCC while Presbyter Ji Jianhong and Rev. Cao Shengjie became the Co-Chairs.
Bishop K.H.Ting remained the Honorary President and Honorary Chair of the TSPM and CCC respectively.

During the conference which began in Beijing on January 9th, delegates gathered to discuss key concerns of the Protestant Churches in China. They heard the work reports of the 7th National Conference of the TSPM and the 5th National Conference of the CCC. Amendments were made to the TSPM/CCC constitutions. They accepted proposals to support the 2008 Beijing Olympics and recommendations on how Chinese Christians can make contributions to the economic and social development of the country.

Profiles of the newly elected leaders:

China Christian Council
Gao Feng
Male, Han, born 1962, M. Th., doing Ph. D, pastor. Chair and President of Shandong Provincial TSPM/CCC; President of Shandong Provincial Seminary; member of national CPPCC; Standing Committee member of Shandong CPPCC.  Was Vice-President of China Christian Council.

Fan Chengzu
Male, Han, Born 1938, vocational school graduate, pastor. Chair of Inner Mongolia TSPM and Vice-President of Inner Mongolia CCC; member of national CPPCC.

Gao Ying
Female, Han, born 1954, M.A., pastor. Vice-President of Nanjing Theological Seminary; President of the Beijing YWCA;  Vice-General Secretary of the China Committee on Religion and Peace, member of Beijing CPPCC.

Lin Zhihua
Male, Han, born 1940, graduate studies, pastor. Vice-President CCC; President of Fujian Province CC; Vice-Principal of Fujian Seminary, member of National CPPCC.

Lu Dezhi
Male, Han, born 1964, postgraduate studies, Ph.D. candidate, pastor. President of Heilongjiang Provincial Christian Council; Chair and President of Haerbin City TSPM/CCC; Vice Principal of the Heilongjiang Bible School; standing committee member of Haerbin CPPCC. Was Vice-General Secretary of the CCC.

Ni Guangdao
Male, Han, born 1941, Junior middle school graduate, pastor. Vice-president of Zhejiang Christian Council; Chair of Hangzhou TSPM; member of Zhejiang CPPCC. Was the Associate General Secretary of the National TSPM.

Tang Weimin
Male, Han, born 1965, university graduate, graduated from Pastors Course at Nanjing Theological Seminary, pastor. President of Henan Provincial Christian Council, member of Henan Provincial CPPCC.

General Secretary
Kan Baoping
Male, Han, born 1957, M. Th., pastor. Director of the Research Department of TSPM/CCC.  Was the Associate General Secretary of the CCC.

Three Self Patriotic Movement
Fu Xianwei
Male, Han, born 1944, university graduate, graduate of Pastors Course at Nanjing Theological Seminary, elder.  Chair of Shanghai TSPM; member of national CPPCC. Was the Associate General Secretary of the National TSPM.

An Xinyi
Male, Han, born 1949, college graduate, Graduate of Pastors Course at Nanjing Theological Seminary, pastor. Presently Chair of Jiangsu Provincial TSPM; member of National CPPCC and Jiangsu Province CPPCC.

Chen Shunpeng
Male, Han, born 1948, university graduate. Vice-Chair of the National TSPM; Chair of Guangdong Province TSPM; member of National CPPCC.

Jin Wei
Female, Han born 1951, university graduate. Vice-Chair of National TSPM. Acting General Secretary of the National YMCA/YWCA; member of National CPPCC, member of standing committee of the All China Women’s Federation.

Shen Xuelin
Male, Han, born 1955, college graduate, pastor. Associate General Secretary of Shanghai TSPM, member of Shanghai CPPCC, member of Pudong CPPCC.

Yu Wenliang:
Male, Lisu nationality, born 1958, Senior high school graduate, pastor. Chair of Yunnan Province TSPM, member of National CPPCC.

Yu Xinli
Male, Han, born 1939, vocational school graduate, pastor.  Chair and President of the Beijing TSPM/CCC, member of the Beijing CPPCC. Was Associate General Secretary of the CCC.

General Secretary:
Xu Xiaohong
Male, Han, born 1964, University graduate; Graduate of Pastors course at Nanjing Theological Seminary, pastor. Director of the Publications Department of TSPM/CCC. Vice-Chair of Shaanxi TSPM and Vice-President of Shaanxi CCC; Dean and Vice-President of Shaanxi Bible School. Was a Associate General Secretary of the National TSPM.

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