An Editorial Update - 26th February 2008

Archbishop Peter Akinola with Archbishop John Chew in a recent photo at a Dubai meeting

In spite of their busy travelling schedules, both Archbishop John Chew (Southeast Asia) and Archbishop Peter Akinola (Nigeria) found time to communicate in the way they knew best - face to face. They met up in Dubai recently (see photo). Given the recent tensions and reports in the media about Gafcon, Global South and Lambeth or Communion-wide issues, both these brothers in ministry met to renew again their commitment to each other, Global South work and our beloved Church. It is a friendship that has grown through the years, with extra effort often taken to support and honour each other’s ministry. We continue to pray that such friendships and two-way conversations will continue to happen between Primates as the mind of the Lord is sought on many issues facing us today.

The Synod of the Province of Southeast Asia will be meeting this week and we hope to hear some news which can encourage Anglicans in many areas of our Communion.